Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Field, Track, and Bleacher Referendum Project Update

In the spring of 2015, the Greater Mauston community supported the opportunity for the School District of Mauston to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed $2,500,000 to pay for a district-wide facility improvement program that would consist of:

  • Roof Replacements on Grayside and West Side Elementary Schools
  • Security and Intercom Safety Upgrades in all buildings
  • Restroom improvements at Olson Middle School District of Mauston
  • HVAC Automation system improvements at Mauston High School
  • Replacement of outdoor bleachers to meet current safety codes
  • Track replacement for safety improvements
  • Athletic/Community Field re-grading, irrigation and lighting safety improvements

As of November 30, 2016 here is the progress to date on these projects:
  • Roofs at Grayside and West Side Elementary Schools have been replaced.
  • Security and intercom safety alarms have been installed in all District schools along with camera replacements.
  • Restroom construction is completed in four student bathrooms at Olson Middle School
  • HVAC automation system parts have been replaced at Mauston High School
  • Bleachers have been ordered and a concrete bleacher pad has been poured to support the bleachers that will be installed in Spring 2017
  • The athletic/community field has been re-graded, drainage and irrigation infrastructure has been installed and field soil prepared for grass growth to begin in Spring 2017
  • The old running track has been removed and new track will be installed in Spring 2017
  • New light poles will be installed in Spring 2017
  • A new sound system will be installed in Spring 2017 compliments of the Golden Eagle Athletic Booster Club
We are thankful to the Greater School District of Mauston community for its support in the referendum and the opportunity to make these safety improvements in our schools and grounds.

We are PROUD of these improvements and delighted to say that all of these safety needs would not have been met without the support of our community. Thank you!

We will continue to keep the community and district staff informed of all progress related improvements either through the Superintendent Blog or the District web page. Please feel free to call Superintendent Christine Weymouth with any questions or comments you may have at 608-847-5451.