Friday, July 7, 2017

Mid-Summer Update

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: This is the ideal life.” 

~ Mark Twain


I hope that your summer is progressing nicely and that you are discovering new adventures with those you love. Summer is a time to reflect and perhaps dabble in something inspirational or just wake up a little later. I wish you a safe and fun-filled summer and look forward to beginning a new year with you later in August.

Here are a few highlights of School District of Mauston news for you.  See you soon!

Summer 2017 Curriculum & Professional  Learning

June has been filled with summer curriculum work and professional learning for staff. Elementary staff’s focus has been Readers and Writers Workshop and Math enrichments that support the state math standards.
Middle school staff have been involved in working together to gain new insight regarding teaching in a 90 minute period for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Social Studies and Science teachers spent time working together on standards, lessons and units in two grade levels.
Middle school and high school teachers have been introduced to itslearning, our new curriculum online web-based platform that organizes curriculum and assessment for staff.
High School staff have been focused on Mathematics, College Algebra and the development of Integrated Math.   Other areas of summer professional development have involved Academy work, Insight Academy, FAB LAB development and History and Science.

Teachers New to the District

As of the end of June the District currently will welcome 9 new teachers across the District. We are excited for these teachers to join the Mauston teaching staff and we look forward to welcoming them at the Monday August 28 New Teacher and Community Breakfast at Mauston  High School at 7:30 AM.  We currently have three open teaching positions as of this date:  OMS
vocal music, OMS/MHS Spanish and Early Childhood Special Education at West Side.

New Teacher Workshop will be Monday, Tuesday August 14 and 15.

 Mauston Teachers Working Toward National Board  Certification

Created by teachers, for teachers, National Board Certification is the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching. Six of our teachers will be working toward their National Board Certification beginning this fall. Mallory Campbell, Mandi Brice, Ali Azarian, Peg Barton, Niki Briggs and Michelle Taylor will begin their commitment to earning a National Board Certification. The District will support these teachers during this time through Instructional Leadership Grants and CESA 5 cohort involvement.

National Board Standards come to life through four components of the certification process, content knowledge assessment; reflections on student work samples; classroom video and
analysis and documentation of the teacher’s impact as a teaching professional.  Congratulations
to these teachers on their journey ahead!

Round Two with Teacher Compensation

In the Spring of 2013, the Board of Education approved a teacher compensation model that involved several new compensation features such as 12.5 % equity compensation (placing additional pay from lost steps on base wage salaries), base wage credentialing (writing of PPG’s each year), degree and certification compensation (additional $2000 to $4000) on base wage salaries for the completion of Master’s degree, doctorate and National Board Certification, and other increases in teacher supplemental compensation in the area of Instructional Leadership Grants and various professional  development.
The Board of Education will be involved in discussing and reviewing Mauston’s teacher compensation to date at a Special Board Workshop on Wednesday July 12, 2017 @ 6:00 PM in the District Office Board Room.  A Phase II Teacher Compensation Work Group will begin in the fall 2017 to consider new developments in teacher compensation. School principals will select teachers from each level in the District and a work group will be formed in early September.

Community Track, Field and Grandstand Referendum Project

The field, track, and grandstand construction work is nearing its completion deadlines. Here are some highlights:
The preparation for seeding and soils is completed and the new underground irrigation system is working.
The field work is monitored and treated weekly by landscaping contractors and District building and grounds crew to maintain the foundation for new grass.
The access road will be paved in the month of July and latex track surfacing will be completed in July.
Fencing around the grandstand and track and the ramp for the grandstand will be installed in early July.
New press box interior (the finishing of the ceiling, framing of walls and electrical wiring is nearing  completion.
New sound system and lighting has been  installed.
It is important through the months of July and August to not have traffic on the field. The MSD Athletic Department in concert with administration, buildings and grounds and the landscape contractor will work together to determine approval and scheduling of any and all events on the field August through November. Our goal has been to play only varsity soccer and football events on the field, weather and field conditions dependent.

Upcoming Important Dates and Events in August

We will begin the new year with newly installed phones for all schools. More to come about that. Additional phone operation information will be provided by the Technology Department in August.
MSD Student Registration Day is Tuesday August 15 all day. Please check with your schools for your schedule on this day.
Community and Teachers New to the District Breakfast is Monday August 28 @ 7:30 AM in the Mauston High School Commons.
Teacher Float Days are August 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28 and 31.

Make your summer great!